How to Choose Shoes for Pregnant Women to Avoid Edema1
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How to Choose Shoes for Pregnant Women to Avoid Edema?

The choice of shoes so as to avoid edema during pregnancy has received a lot of attention from pregnant women. When choosing the right type of shoes is elected mother has contributed to limit the discomfort caused to her feet.

The body of the pregnant mother has a lot of changes during pregnancy. Weight increased rapidly, the focus of the mother’s body depends on the development of the fetus. If you choose the right shoes, pregnant women will feel more comfortable, more flexible and easier to travel during pregnancy.

Choose smooth shoes to help pregnant women avoid the phenomenon of foot swelling

In the middle and late pregnancy, the womb will become bigger and heavier, causing the center of the body to focus more and more forward. Not to mention, the hip and foot bones of the pregnant mother also suffered from a lot of pressure making it difficult for her to travel. The heavier the body weight, the more pregnant the mother faces the risk of falling. Therefore, the choice of shoes for pregnant women is an essential job that needs to be focused on both helping her mother to travel and keep her safe.

What is swelling in the legs?

Swelling in the foot is a common phenomenon in pregnant women because blood vessels in the feet, calf compression are caused. During the 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, pregnant women must say goodbye to their hobby of wearing high heels because pointed heels with small widths will only make the edema phenomenon worse. The ideal height of shoes for pregnant women should be 3cm or less.

The most suitable for pregnant women to use throughout pregnancy is precisely the flat shoes available to make sure, grip the soil well to prevent pregnant women from stumble due to slippery ground. Sports shoes are also a perfect suggestion for pregnant women. Mothers should choose shoes with thick soles so that the area of ​​contact with the ground is so wide that it is easier and safer for the mother to travel.

One more note for mothers to vote for the kind of shoes they like throughout pregnancy, shoes must be spacious and comfortable. The best material for pregnant women should choose is that the more elastic the soft skin is, the less pressure the mother ‘s feet can bear. At that time, the blood vessels do not suffer from too much compression, which helps reduce the phenomenon of leg edema in the pregnant women significantly reduced.How to Choose Shoes for Pregnant Women to Avoid Edema1

Choose shoes for pregnant women at each stage of pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women have a lot of choices of footwear because at that time the weight of the pregnant women has not increased, the body’s focus remains quite stable, not being pushed forward. like the last months of pregnancy. Sandals with straps or sports shoes with laces are all suitable options for stylish mothers.

By the 5th month, the mother started to have a lot of changes in her weight, her stomach was also noticeably bigger. The mother elected to sit down and tie shoelaces is almost impossible. Therefore, at this time, pregnant women, even if they are stylish, should replace sandals with straps, laces sneakers with wireless flats, no straps and laces without straps for easy piercing. go anytime.

The samples of straps without straps, wireless sneakers are still extremely useful to mother even if she is a diaper mother. By the convenience of being able to pierce the legs quickly without bending down the laces, straps help mom save quite a bit of time to take care of children.

The note when choosing shoes for pregnant women

Mothers should try new shoes in the late evening because the phenomenon of foot swelling during pregnancy usually occurs around this time of the day to choose shoes with the most suitable size. If not, pregnant women can still try new shoes at the most travel time of the day to choose the shoes that best fit their foot size.

Mothers should choose large-sized shoes right from the first months of pregnancy to save money on shoes. Because in the last trimester, the weight of the pregnant mother will increase very quickly, the size of the foot so there is more edema phenomenon that makes old shoes no longer fit. If you buy a new pair of shoes, it’s a waste, so you should buy shoes of large size in the first months of pregnancy, using shoe soles to adjust to fit your feet.

Although flip-flops are easy to pierce quickly and also very comfortable for pregnant women, this type of slipper is quite slippery, which forces pregnant women to use toes to hold on. When walking a lot, the toes must always be in the state of holding the sandals very tired. So pregnant moms must never choose flip-flops when their bellies are big, moms.

Pregnancy is the magical experience of any pregnant mother. Therefore, pregnant women should pay more attention to choosing the right shoes to help pregnant women avoid the discomfort caused by the phenomenon of foot or shoes that are too tight.