How to Increase the Size of the First round after Weaning
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How to Increase the Size of the First round after Weaning

After breastfeeding, your breasts will sag and shrink. You can apply the following ways to increase breast size after weaning to improve breasts.

Why are your breasts shrinking and sagging after breastfeeding?

Mothers often think that sagging breasts are due to breastfeeding but that is not entirely true. Because right from the time you give birth your breasts have started to sag.

The reason is that during pregnancy, breast size increases due to enlarged milk ducts, combined with weight gain. When the baby is born, the bodyweight decreases rapidly, leading to sagging skin, including the chest area.

How to increase the size of the first round after weaning your baby

There are many different ways to increase your breast size after weaning your baby, including ways to increase the size of your bust at home and how to breast augmentation by cosmetic surgery. You can refer to the ways below.

Taking showers helps to improve chest size
You can shower in the shower daily to improve chest size and pigmentation. This is a proven method that brings a positive change for the first round.

How to shower in the shower to increase breast size?

Step 1: You stand upright in the shower, let the water flow into your breasts.

Step 2: When taking a cold shower for a few minutes, switch to a hot bath for a few minutes, then switch to a cold shower. You change the hot and cold water regime continuously during bathing to stimulate blood circulation in the chest area.

Step 3: Apply the shower gel, using your hands to gently massage the chest clockwise to help your breasts firm and flourish.

When wearing a bra, pay attention to pull the meat on the flanks to the chest.

Wear a bra with the right size

The size and condition of your breasts from pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding to weaning are different, so you should replace your old bra with a new one that’s the right size for your breasts right now.

Ideally, you should use a sports bra because it supports lifting and shaping the breast better.

Besides, you should also pay attention to how to wear a bra to improve the sagging condition. When wearing a bra, after fastening the hook, you should use your hands to push your chest to the highest position possible and put the meat on the flanks forward. This method helps to shape the breast in the best position and prevent fat on the sides.

In addition, you should practice the habit of walking straight, sitting straight, chest facing forward. Because if you walk or crouch, your breasts will get saggier.

Do not wean suddenly
When breastfeeding, your breasts are always full of milk, leading to tissue in an open state. If you abruptly wean the baby, the tissue will shrink quickly, causing loose connective tissue leading to a flat and sagging breast. Therefore, you should wean your baby slowly so that the tissues have time to adjust to the regulation of the milk gland.

Apply massage to increase the size of round 1

Breastfeeding provides lots of stimulation for the breasts, but when weaned, your breasts will no longer have any stimulation.

To maintain breast stimulation, you can massage your breasts every day to firm, expand, and prevent breast cancer. You can combine breast massage with creams or anti-stretching creams that help blood circulation, thereby supporting the repairing activities of breast tissue.

You can also use olive or almond oil to massage your breasts, helping to reduce sagging and firm breasts.

Use natural breast cream

You can use breast creams and natural supplements to increase your size.

Breast creams with clover or palm tree extract help to improve sagging and help your breasts grow.

You can also see more ways to increase the size of a natural breast here.How to Increase the Size of the First round after Weaning

Healthy eating mode

Diet is important for improving breast condition.

Diet when you are pregnant, breastfeeding and weaning is different. Therefore, you need to change your diet by increasing foods that help improve muscles and firm skin.

Foods rich in vitamin B and vitamin E need to be supplemented at this stage to improve skin tone.

In addition, you need to limit foods of animal origin rich in fat.

Apply exercises to help increase your ring size
Diet is important but not enough to help your breasts recover, so you need to combine it with exercises to make your breasts grow and firm.

You may not know, the chest is not just the fat layer, under the chest there are many other muscle layers that shape the chest. That’s why you need to do exercises to help tone your muscles.

You should choose exercises that have a lot of impact on your chest area, such as pushups, weight lifting or plank. You should practice with gentle intensity and increase gradually over time.

Ideally, you should practice with the coach, because they will show you how to focus the impact on the best chest area.

Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is very popular today and this is also the fastest way to have a beautiful round. However, breast augmentation surgery also has many complications for breastfeeding at the next birth, so you need to consider carefully before making a decision.

Ideally, you should only perform breast augmentation surgery when you have used all the methods to improve the first round above with no results and no intention to have more children.

How long does it take to increase the size of the first round?

These natural breast enlargements begin to produce results after a few months of regular exercise and to maintain long-term results, you must persevere on a daily basis.

While exercise, ice cream, or diet won’t help you regain your breasts like a maiden, it will significantly improve sagging, aging, and increase breast size.

If you have breast augmentation surgery, after only a few days, you will have the right size breast. Note, when breast augmentation surgery, you should go to reputable salons and choose high-quality breast implants to ensure safety in the long run.

Although the chances of getting your breasts back to birth are almost impossible, by applying ways to increase the size of your breasts, you can also bring the best condition to your breasts. .