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Should Stop Wearing Jeans During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women wonder about wearing jeans that can cause abdominal cramps, leading to bad complications during pregnancy. Should jeans be left in the closet during this pregnancy?

In fact, currently there is no research to determine the harmful effects of wearing jeans during pregnancy. However, it is easy to realize that besides the convenience and ability of jeans to slim, it is undeniable that some tight-fitting, abdominal and secretive jeans in the female’s private parts. , especially in the hot season.

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, a woman’s uterus may be under pressure from wearing jeans that make her worried that the baby is vulnerable. However, this is because the jeans are too tight, the remaining pregnant women can still wear the jeans designed for pregnant women as follows:

Jeans for pregnant women

Ignore the tight pants, holding tight to the abdomen and legs, which limits blood circulation in the body. The replacement with maternity jeans, elastic fabric and spandex in the waist area to reduce pressure on the abdomen. These types of pants are often spacious so it’s convenient for women to coordinate and have less to come with many accompanying accessories, but they are not really as flattering as regular skinny jeans.Should Stop Wearing Jeans During Pregnancy

Do not choose too tight jeans

You should choose to buy a pair of larger than normal jeans that wear 1-2 sizes because this will allow you to wear jeans that can accommodate the growing pregnant. Especially, the pants made of stretchy material will help pregnant women a little more comfortable when you are continuing to gain weight.

Experience of many pregnant women is to choose low-waist pants because they will wear in pregnancy longer than high-waist jeans. You can use a strap on the buttons of your jeans to keep them closed. When you reach a greater weight then your jeans will not be able to close the button anymore, please wear a rubber band around and thread it through the other. However, depending on the size of the elastic you use, you can add 2-3 inches to the waistband of your jeans to wear them for a few more weeks.

You can also use a waistband, which is the type of elastic belt you wear in everyday clothes. They help to hold on tight so you can wear jeans without buttons. This belt is available at pregnant or children’s stores, so you can ask the seller to find it.

Proper personal hygiene

Mothers usually have a high chance of getting a yeast infection during pregnancy due to changing vaginal pH. Therefore, wearing tight jeans will cause tightness, increased vaginal secretion, making you more susceptible to yeast infections, affecting the development of the fetus. gas and personal hygiene with warm water every day.