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Take Care of Pregnant Women in the Summer

The summer has its own characteristics such as hot, hot, erratic weather, making mothers uncomfortable and sick. The following suggestions will help pregnant women stay healthy during the summer.

Choose costumes with bright colors

Costumes with bright, gentle colors will be more suitable in the hot weather of this season. Material cool, good sweat absorbing effect, helps you look happier and softer when pregnant. Do not worry too much about your skin or biceps, big calves when wearing cool skirts (skirts). Wear what you feel most comfortable with.

Time to go out

The shady place is where the pregnant mother should stay as much as possible. The morning sun is beneficial for the body, while the intense sun at noon and the afternoon is not. The heat will leave you dizzy and dehydrated. If you have to go outside, or go for a walk, you should go in the early morning or late afternoon.

Some pregnant women due to the nature of work in the sun for a long time, need to pay special attention to prevent heat stroke, heat stroke will be very dangerous for the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women must wear hats or umbrellas when wearing outside, and wear sunscreen … Absolutely do not let the sun shine directly on people for a long time.

Time to travel

Consult a doctor before planning to travel. During the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus attaches to the uterus and the placenta attaches to get blood for pregnancy, so you need to pay attention to how to make the fetus good and avoid pregnancy. During the last trimester, the abdomen is enlarged, sitting for a long time or going long distances, causing fatigue for pregnant women.

In medicine or in obstetrics, it is advisable for you to go into the second trimester during pregnancy as the most reasonable and safe. The rate of affecting pregnancy such as fetus, miscarriage, premature birth … is the lowest in the three stages of pregnancy. Therefore, about 18-24, 25 weeks gestation is the best time to travel.

Note when traveling

Limit sunbathing because it will darken the dark spots on your skin. Moreover, sunbathing also makes you susceptible to dehydration, dizziness, lightheadedness (even fainting).

Be careful of food and drink, being careful before trying new, strange foods, salads, unprocessed foods, or street food stalls. Should bring water, instead of ordering drinks at the restaurant.

Avoid mosquitoes. Should choose long sleeves, long pants when walking in areas with lots of insects. If possible, restrict to wilderness locations or lots of insects.

Replenish water fully

Summer easily dehydrates your body, so make sure you stay hydrated. The level of water you should drink is about 8-10 cups a day (in other seasons it is 6-8 cups a day). When the body is unable to replenish enough water, Braxton Hick contractions (artificial labor) will appear more.

Lack of water also makes you more prone to swelling of the legs and ankles. The more you drink enough water, the health problems will be limited. Fresh juices provide nutrients that you have been consumed through sweating. Cool water has a refreshing, refreshing effect like black bean water, bare water, and refreshing tea.

Deal with morning sickness

Hot weather increases the discomfort of morning sickness. The nausea caused by morning sickness can make you dehydrated and uncomfortable. If you experience continuous morning sickness, try eating thin slices of bread, using vitamin B6 (as directed by your doctor), drinking cool sweet juices like watermelon or melon …

Every day you should drink plenty of water, divide food into small meals, do not worry or too hungry; stay away from odors that make you feel uncomfortable; avoid indigestible, greasy foods: fried foods, fast food, spicy, hot foods, processed foods, …

During pregnancy, increased nutritional needs make it difficult for pregnant women to provide enough if only through daily food. In the case of pregnant women with morning sickness, the risk of lack of nutrients is increased. Therefore, in addition to the diet, you can use synthetic supplements such as PM Procare diamond every day to provide adequate nutrients at appropriate doses for healthy mothers and optimal fetal development. Procare contains Mg and Vitamin B6 which also significantly reduce the symptoms of morning sickness.

Eat, sleep evenly

Because of the hot summer, people often eat and sleep erratically, the break time is irregular, easily affecting the health of both mother and fetus. Pregnant women need to get enough sleep in the evening. Arrange napping to reduce work fatigue, make up for a bad night’s sleep.

But should not sleep too long to avoid sluggish spirit, lying more hurt hurt. Pregnant women should participate in some physical exercise activities such as walking in the morning or evening to adapt to the changing weather, to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

In the hot summer, pregnant women also often have anorexia, appetite, finished meals … Reasonable eating enough 4 food groups (sugar (flour), protein, fat, vitamins, enough calories Do not eat too simple … will make the fetus malnourished, however, eating should also be frugal, ensure necessary, help the fetus develop healthy.

Avoid being upset or irritable

Hot summer, easy to make people uncomfortable, angry. Pregnant women are more susceptible to psychological changes during pregnancy, more affected by the weather. Psychological frustration of the mother will also cause the baby to be disturbed, not beneficial to the health of both mother and fetus.

Avoid places with lots of fans or lots of wind

Many mothers elected because of the heat to find a windy place to cool down, or use a fan directly on the body throughout the night, susceptible to toxic wind, thereby causing illness.

Therefore, pregnant women should not turn on the fan and flush directly on themselves, do not lie outside for too long, and should sleep a thin blanket to cover if it is cold.