What Is the Benefit of the Crib for Short Mom
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What Is the Benefit of the Crib for Short Mom?

Putting a baby to sleep is a challenging task. New moms would get trained with their infants with that. Cribs play a vital role in reducing this burden for the newborn. Bassinets and Cribs become inevitable when we plan our baby’s furniture. Placing the kid in the crib is equally challenging without waking the kid.

Though a lot of factors involved in selecting the right crib for the kid, it is important to consider the comfort of the new moms too. Short mothers faced issues in placing the kid to sleep in a crib earlier. But now, luckily, a lot of cribs have become so customizable for the shorter moms.

I write this article keeping in mind those short moms like me. It explains the benefits of cribs for short moms. Newmomplus.com always aims to set right those tiniest perfections that you look for. Click here to know more about the best and benefits of cribs for short moms.

Criteria for selecting the best crib for shorter moms

Because of the short stature, short moms often face various issues in handling their child in a crib. Here, we will discuss those issues and what all criteria need to consider while choosing the right crib for a short mom.

What Is the Benefit of the Crib for Short Mom

Customizable cribs

Keeping in mind that the potential petite mom’s count has increased, a lot of cribs manufactures have customized the cribs for the benefit of short moms. These customizable cribs allow the user to adjust them into a daybed and a toddler bed. You can also customize even the height of the mattresses, making it a benefit for the short moms.

Customizable cribs have become versatile for the benefits of short moms. Among the choices and models of cribs, choosing the right crib is mandatory for short moms. For more details about the best cribs, click here or visit newmomplus.com.

The crib that one chooses must be highly customizable enough. It must serve the basic needs and the specific needs of a short mom. There are a lot of cribs available in the market that allow the legs of the crib to remove. Removable wheeled cribs are of significant benefit for short moms. The height can instantly adjust.

Step Stool

The estimated average height of a crib is around 35 inches. A mom of 4’8 can easily access this height. But since we deal with moms shorter than the mentioned height, we advise it to use a step stool to compensate for the height of the crib. A step stool may place closer to the crib, which makes it more easily available at the time of need.

If you have already purchased a crib that doesn’t suit your requirements, possibly a step stool might help you out. Select a step stool that doesn’t slide on your floor. Look for a stool with proper grip and which stands firm on our flooring.

Safety of the baby

As a parent, we would never compromise on the safety of our kids. The most important safety measure while selecting the best crib is that the distance between the slats. The slat distance of a crib is supposed to check because a child might get stuck inside the slats while playing.

Make sure that the space between the slats must not be over 2-3 inches wide. Allowing more slat space will be risky for the child’s safety.

The material of the crib

One of the least focused things while deciding the crib for your kid is the material used in making the crib. The chemicals used and even the finishing of the crib matters. They use the paint for finishing and you must notify the materials used while assembling the crib with caution. Keeping your child from hazardous chemicals is also a criterion to check.

Weight of the crib

There come a lot of situations when we would need to clean the cribs and set it right for our kid before sleep. So obviously the weight of the crib must be minimal to lift if required.

What Is the Benefit of the Crib for Short Mom

What adds to the benefit of using a crib for short moms?

Being a short mom or dad must have made you think it does not suit the world for your stature. Probably you got used to the world of fewer heights. But for setting up your nursery, it has taken a lot of adjustments into accountability to customize your needs. Newmomsplus.com offers the best cribs for short moms. Click here to know more about if using a crib becomes beneficial for a short mom.

Using a crib will be a significant benefit and safe for short moms. As step stools do not guarantee any safety, we suggest not to use especially while handling your baby at night. The best cribs that add benefit for a short mom is that which allows the clear visibility of the kid.  It is always best to have an unobstructed view of the baby from any corner of the room.

A drop-side crib is something which is a total no-no for a short mom. We advise it to opt for shorter cribs than drop-side cribs. You must be able to access quickly to the needs of the baby. Attending to your baby of the requirement must not depend on any external factors. Not to forget that as the child grows, the weight of the child increases. Hence handling the kid with the age must make it easier.


Hope the above details give you a view for choosing the best crib along with the benefits of the crib for short moms. Besides, look for adjustable wheels in shorter cribs, which benefit the short moms to shift it easily to different places in the room. Yet the wheels must be adjustable to avoid any accidents while handling or placing the kid inside the crib. Ensure safety of mom and baby at each instance.

Avoid cribs that cause allergy to the baby’s skin. Some toxic chemicals that need to avoid include phthalate. Even the mattress of the crib must check and cleaned frequently. Check if the space between the mattress and the slat is not over 2 inches of space.

Babies spend most of their sleeping hours in the cribs and the moms feel safe about their kids trusting the space allotted for them to sleep. It is always best suggested to check the basic safety norms before choosing the best crib, which benefits the short moms along with babies and click here for more details for cribs or log on to newmomplus.com for more information.